Portable Type2 Wallbox EV Charger,3000V Type2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.36 KW

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Portable Type2 Wallbox EV Charger,3000V Type2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.36 KW
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Charging Plug: Type 2(Mennekes)
Withstand Voltage: 3000v
Input / Output Current: 8,12,16,20,24,28,32A Adjustable
Max Output Power: 7.36 KW
Input Cable: 1M,hard-wired
Work Altitude: <2000M
Stand By: <3W
IP Level: IP65

3w wallbox electric charger


portable wallbox fast charger


7.36kw wallbox fast charger

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MINKO
Certification: CE, ROHS
Model Number: Wallbox-M7
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: L210xW85xH52 (mm)
Delivery Time: 8 -10 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Paypal,Skrill,Transferwise
Supply Ability: 1000000 pieces per month
Product Description

Portable Type2 Wallbox EV Charger,3000V Type2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.36 KW
Description of Type2 Wallbox EV Charger
This product is mainly composed of charging station host, charging gun, wire, installation backplane, installation ingredients package, etc. It is a household electric vehicle charging equipment. The AC charging station is connected to the mains, the electric vehicle will be safely and reliably charged by the charging gun interface; to avoid affffecting the product performance, should no acid and alkali and other corrosive gases in the surrounding; try to avoid direct rain or use in environments with high humidity, and should try to prevent damage from impacting the housing.

Product parameter description:

Model M7 M11 M22
Input / Output Voltage AC 230V / Single Phase AC 400V / Three Phase AC 400V / Three Phase
Input / Output Current 8,12,16,20,24,28,32
Max Output Power 7.36 KW 11.04 KW 22.08 KW
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Cable 1M, hard-wired
Charging Plug Type 2(Mennekes)
Output Cable 5M
Withstand Voltage 3000V
Work Altitude <2000M
Stand by <3W

over voltage protection, over load protection, over-temp
protection, under voltage protection, earth leakage protection,
lightning protection, short circuit protection
IP level IP65
Touch Button No
LCD Screen No
Current Adjustment Yes
Bluetooth APP Charging Yes / No
WiFi APP charging Yes / No
Timing / Appointment Yes / No
Certification CE, RoHS

Function introduction of Type2 Wallbox EV Charger
1.Residual current detection (RCD)

Ac leakage protection automatically detects the AC mismatch between the power supply wires,
which indicates that the current flflows through the grounded (PE) wire. Ac residual current fault
protection will trip when the current is 30 Ma.

2.Surge protector
In: 3kA, lmax:6kA

3.Leakage protection
When the leakage protection is started, it needs to be cut offff the power outage and restart.
4.Overcurrent protection
When the current exceeds the early warning value,the charging pile cuts offff the power output, restarts
automatically after 10 seconds, and does not recover automatically after 3 cycles until you cut of the
power and restart.
5.Overvoltage protection
The protection starts when the voltage exceeds 275V, and automatically recovers when the voltage
is restored and stabilized.

6.Undervoltage protection
Start the protection when the voltage is less than 100V, and restore automatically when the voltage
is restored and stabilized.
7.Overtemperature protection
Start the protection when the internal temperature of the EV charging station exceeds 85 °C.

Installation Notice:
1.The AC charging station must be installed by personnel who are trained and qualifified to
operate electrical systems, Otherwise, the seller is not responsible for any consequences
arising from the incorrect use of this equipment by the buyer. A qualifified installer should
haves certifified skills and knowledge related to the construction, installation and operation

of this type of electrical device and received safety training to recognize and avoid the hazards

2.All applicable local, regional, and national regulations must be applied when installing,
repairing and maintaining this device.
3.RCD of the charger is intergrated 6mA DC, please install a Type A breaker outside.

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Portable Type2 Wallbox EV Charger,3000V Type2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station 7.36 KW 1

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